Trentini fruit, 20 years of Natura Italiana

By love for good and genuine things and from a small cottage in the countryside, in 1997 borns the company to vocation fruit Trentini.

Slowly and with great care, Trentini uses the lands available to him until it becomes the great company it is today: he repositions the orchard orienting from north to south, so that his apples and his pears enjoy the best of the sunshine and he placed in every row a drainage pipe for draining excess water so as to protect the roots of plants during the rainy season to avoid the root suffocation of the plants.

During the years he makes use of the latest technologies in agriculture: the orchard is equipped with an irrigation and fertilization computerize system, an improvement minimally invasive but very useful to maintain the high quality on which the company has always based.

They also included a frost system (using the lake water created in artificial form and spraying water on the ground, that, being warmer, makes it prevents frosts) and the hail netting to protect the fruit from the great weather and strong winds.

With these tricks and with continuous passion for their work, the farm is able to fit into a leading position in the context of cultivation of apples (Fuji and Gala) and pears (Abate Fetel, William Bianco and Santa Maria) and to ensure natural and genuine products for yours tables.

The Trentini fruits is present throughout the Italian and European market. Trentini operates through wholesalers, directly dthrough purchasing centers in supermarkets, through the groups of purchases, small shops specialized and general markets.