From the best land the most delicious fruit

36 hectares of land in the conuntryside of Modena perfect for the cultivation of apples and pears: 14 hectares sare devoted to apples, the rest is all dedicated to pears.

On the other hand Trentini is located in the heart of the cultivation of pears, Emilia Romagna, a region characterized by a permeable plains and a temperate climate, hot and humid in summer and cold in winter..

From Emilia Romagna derive 65% of Italian pears and they are so good and unique that in 1998 obtained the IGP recognition, Protected Geographical Identification.

Even the apples grow tasty and healthy in the Modena plain, no way inferior to those of mountain. Fuji apples particularly sare better because more savory and sweet just to the soil.
In farmland of Trentini there is also an artificial lake, created in support of the orchard for vintages particularly dry. HIs waters are also used as anti-frost method, namely to raise the temperature of the ground during the nights of spring frosts.